I'm sorry, I was just... well, 'inspired' is going a bit far.

But I played a French version of the game once and all the streets were called different things. There's an American version too. If you're confused or something, scroll down to the bottom of the fic and there'll be a 'guide' there.

Oh, and sorry if I mixed anything up. Doin' it from memory. ^_^.

Morals of Finance
by Leto

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"

Ash checked his watch. "What do you want now?"

"We're here to challenge you for the Pikachu!" declared James.

"You do that every episode. Am I supposed to be surprised?"

"You lose every episode too," added Misty, "give up already."

"We lose 'cos Pokemon battling is not our forté," said Jessie.

"Hence the fact that your career is Pokemon training," muttered Brock, and the other two snickered.

"But," continued Jessie, pretending not to hear him, "now we'll beat you in an area in which WE outshine YOU!"

Ash pretended to count through the possibilities on his fingers. "Intelligence? No. Skill? No. Strength? No. Having LIVES? No."

Jessie's eyes sparkled. "Nope. Better."

She pulled out a board game and dumped it in front of them.

"Monopoly," the three trainers read in unison, and facefaulted.

"Boy, that's certainly a relevent skill to have," said Brock.

Jessie hit him over the head with the box.

"Let's play."


"I wanna be the dog! I wanna be the dog!"

James snatched the dog figure before anyone else could.

"Hahaha! Beat you all!"

"I didn't WANT the dog," said Misty, and took the ship.

Ash took the hat, Jessie the horse, Meowth the boot, Pikachu the iron and Brock the thimble.

"I start, I start!"

Jessie smacked him over the head. "James, stop acting like a little kid."

"But Monopoly is fun!"

"This is a SERIOUS TOURNAMENT, James. You think this is some sort of game?"

James eyed the board, then Jessie. "Um... YES."

She facefaulted.

"Highest number starts," said Brock, taking the dice.

Ash got the highest number (James got a two ^_^.) and the game began...

And it was a loooong game...


"YAY!" cheered Meowth, "I'll buy Trafalger Square!"

"Brock already has a red property, and Pikachu another. Why would you want that, Meowth?"

"Dose pigeons are MINE!"

Meowth licked his lips and did a Pidgeotto impression.

The next player had his turn.

"GO TO JAIL?" wailed James, "I've had enough of that sort of thing! *sniffle* How can I be expected to -"

Misty smacked him over the head and moved the dog onto the jail square.

"OUTRAGE!" protested James, voice rising in pitch and volume, "I didn't do anything wrong (this time)! Whatever happened to a fair trial? Innocent until proven guilty? DEMOCRACY?!"

Ignoring him, Ash had his next turn.


He grabbed his hat counter and held it out as if it were a badge or Pokeball. Misty and Brock sweatdropped.

"Ash, in case you hadn't realised, Whitechapel Road is not only already owned, it's got a hotel on it."

"Pay up!" said Jessie enthusiastically.

"Huh, it's not like I can't afford that," smirked Ash, "what a crappy fare. The great future Pokemon Master, Ash Ketchu, certainly will never have any difficulties in -"

"Do you have the money or not?"

Ash sweatdropped and said in a small voice, "no... But, I could morgage!"

"No you can't, you've already morgaged everything," Jessie said.

"Then I'll DEMORGAGE them and get my money back!"

Everyone facefaulted again.

"Doesn't work that way, sorry twerp," said Jessie, "that means I get your properties and what's left of your cash."

Ash handed over two dollars and sighed.

"I still don't think I believe you about getting properties of whoever loses."

"You have to pay me back somehow."

Ash sighed again and gave over his deeds.

"Yes! Now I've got some morgaged properties! Since I'm on my way to becoming a millionare, I can demorgage... Pall Mall... and Euston Road....." she trailed off into a groan, then smacked Ash over the head.


Meanwhile, Misty had rolled and moved her counter.

"@$^#!!" she swore, "Picadilly AGAIN! I already own that! I land on that every single time! All I wanted was to land on the water works, but nooo..."

Everyone sweatdropped.

Jessie rolled. "FREE PARKING!" she squealed, collecting the bills from the middle of the board.

Everyone groaned. There were several hundred dollars in that pile and Jessie was already winning.

"My doctor's fees... my school fees... my get-out-of-jail money... my income tax fees..." groaned Brock, miserably. From his place on Malborough, he rolled a one, and then a...

"One... two... I don't BLOODY believe this!"

Jessie laughed helplessly. "Sorry Brock, just missed out."

Brock glared at his thimble's spot on the free parking square.

Pikachu rolled. "Pi pika?" it asked, unable to read the square it landed on.

"Electric company," said Misty, "don't get that one, it sucks and -"

Too late, Pikachu had already paid the bank (Brock), cheeks sparking at the name of his new property.

"Great," muttered Misty, "I wanted that one too..."

Meowth snatched up the dice. "Now, Meowth is gonna roll a good one!"

He rolled two ones. "Uhh, figuratively speakin'. Let's see, Chance, chance... aww, not again! Go directly ta jail? I was almost at Go!"

The cat sighed and picked up its counter. "Looks like I'm joinin' ya, James... James?"

Meowth couldn't see James' dog counter.

"I broke out of jail!" James pointed to where his counter now rested, on the 'Oxford Street' square (owned by him).

Everyone facefaulted.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" shouted Misty, Brock and Ash in unison.

"This game is a representation of real life," said James smugly, "I simply did what a sensible person in real life would do."

He picked up the dice, amidst much angry glaring from the others. And rolled.

"Lucky number, lucky number, come on come on..."

Double 4. "Yay, doubles! One... two..."

"Haha," said Jessie in eager anticipation, "come on James."

"You're supposed to be on MY side!" he sulked, as his dog ended up on Mayfair.

"Right," she said happily, "I got two hotels there, so that'll cost you..."

"Hang on, how can I stay in TWO hotels at once?"


"You heard me. I should only be charged for one."

"To bring this up yet again, you can only have one hotel," interrupted Misty.

"Says who?" snapped Jessie, "Mayfair's a popular place, you can never provide for enough tourists. But James, even if you only paid for one, that's still gonna cost you about -"

"Nope! You can't charge me anything!"


James grinned. "I don't stay in hotels. I'd sleep outside."

Everyone facefaulted again. Jessie grabbed his collar and pulled him so his face was right in front of hers.

"PAY DAY," she growled.

Meowth grinned and fingered its charm.

"Uh, okay..." James grinned, a bit flustered, with a sweatdrop, as he pawed through a large wad of twenties.


"That's only $300!"

"Oh, fine... picky, picky..."

James reached over and pulled out a few $500s from the bank.

"Here you go."

"Much obliged."

The others blinked.

"That was very blatant," observed Misty.

"Put that money back!" yelled Brock, hitting James over the head.

Poor James is having a rough time of it. ^_^;;

James protested, "So, I robbed the bank. Is that a crime?"


"Poor choice of words," he sweatdropped, "uh... oh well, Jessie doesn't mind getting dishonest money, do ya Jess?"

"As long as it's orange, it's fine with me."

Brock hit his forehead with one hand. "This is ridiculous. Quit cheating!"


Four hours later, the sun began to set. Jessie had given up on maintaining her piles of money, instead taking over the bank and putting her bills directly into that instead. Brock and Misty had finally kicked James out, Pikachu had bought the water works, much to Misty's displeasure, and Meowth, using similar means to James', had more money than anyone else (excepting Jessie).

Finally, Jessie drew a chance card that requested she take $100 from every other player. Brock, Misty and Pikachu all got out simultaneously.

"Well guys," said Jessie happily, "looks like I'm the winner. So, Pikachu is ours!"

Brock and Misty glanced at each other, then leapt across the board where Jessie was. Without a word, they both grabbed handfuls of her money before she could stop them.

"Now WE'RE the winners!"

Misty and Brock gloated, and Jessie sulked. She couldn't very well protest, as James had used similar measures and she'd not complained.

Then the enemies parted, a wedge further driven between them. Nothing makes enemies of friends, or greater enemies of enemies, better than Monopoly. The dizzying highs - wanting to throttle whoever's winning - the nerve-racking lows - wanting to throttle whoever's losing for WHINING so much and CHEATING - the...

"Shut up," snapped Jessie, in a bad humour.

Anyway, I think we've all learnt a lot from this tale.

"Such as?" asked Brock, with dry interest.

Uh... umm.... well... the best way to win at Monopoly is to cheat, and cheat blatantly.

"That doesn't sound like a very good moral," observed Misty.

Who said anything about it being a moral?

"The title of the -"

THE END ^_^;;



Whitechapel Road is dark purple, the second street on the board and *cough* crap *cough*.

Pall Mall is light purple, next to the 'jail' square.

Euston Road is the second of the light blue streets, before the jail.

Picadilly is the last yellow one, before the 'go to jail' square.

Regent Street is one of the green ones, after the 'go to jail' square.

Mayfair, dark blue, the last square on the board and the most expensive.

Trafalgar Square is the third red. It's famous for having hundreds and hundreds of pigeons there. It's pretty cool actually.

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